We pride ourselves in our ability to serve vapers of ALL experience/comfort levels

Prospective Vapers

Prospective Vapers can expect professional treatment by knowledgeable staff. We want the “vape curious” to know that we are always excited to introduce folks to the world of Vaping. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise, as well as the patience and eagerness, to educate and guide the uninitiated. Other shops often neglect, if not dismiss the Prospective Vaper, as he/she is often viewed as “less valuable” than the Seasoned Vaper.  As a result, the Prospective Vaper is sometimes exploited for their lack of knowledge and many have been overcharged for simple starter kits, batteries, etc.  Unlike many other retailers, all of our prices are clearly posted for all to see and our pricing is quite competitive when compared to most other local B & M shops.  Brand new customers can rest assured that we are here to help them even after the sale.  We always encourage our first-time buyers to call us or come back in with any problems, questions or concerns, as often as they need.

In short, we go above and beyond to ensure that Prospective Vapers feel comfortable coming to Vapor Cave without fear of being dismissed, intimidated, uncomfortable or exploited.  Vape-curious clients can always expect a friendly, welcoming, non-threatening environment and an eagerness to help even the least informed consumer.  This attitude is complimented by our custom-built sampling bar where Prospective Vapers have the opportunity to sample from a plethora of “juices”, as well as try out different types of devices before deciding which to buy.

New Vapers

New Vapers are you folks that have recently started vaping, Perhaps your first experience was with a different vape shop or online retailer.  We get a lot of people visiting Vapor Cave because they have encountered issues with products purchased at a different store, but may have been unable to resolve their problems with that retailer.  Some shops may view these new clients as “less valuable” than Seasoned Vapers and they may be dismissed, as described above.  We want New Vapers to know that we are here to serve you, regardless of where you bought your first “setup.”  More importantly, we want you to know that we are proud to provide the same friendly, quality service to all of our clients, regardless of your comfort level.

Seasoned Vapers

If you are a Seasoned Vaper that has been vaping for at least 6 – 12 months, or more, you can rest assured that our staff has the knowledge, experience and expertise to serve you, as well.  Our Master Builder, 3sixtycoils, is perhaps the most informed and experienced “Coilsmith” employed in a local shop.   Most of you “Vaping Veterans” have been to many, if not most of the other brick & mortar shops in town.  You know which ones you like and which ones you don’t, and why. At Vapor Cave, our staff is well equipped to serve your needs and we maintain a wide selection of products to appease even the most discerning Seasoned Vaper.